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Disney continues evolving 'Star Wars'

May 8, 2019

Well it’s that time of year again, with a new trailer for episode nine coming out a month ago, and May 4  just happening. Star Wars is on the public's mind with many wondering whether Disney is making this science fiction tale better or worse.

It all started with the original film was released back in 1977 titled “Star Wars." The film quickly became a pop culture icon that is still relevant today. The story was created by George Lucas, a longtime fan of sci-fi and fantasy, after he was unable to gain the rights to the Flash Gordon serial.

Originally Lucas planned the Star Wars series to be in his own words “a trilogy of trilogies,” basically meaning it would span nine feature films. After Lucas finished the original trilogy it seemed that he still had the same plan of having three trilogies, however after making the prequel trilogy Lucas decided that another trilogy wouldn’t be needed.

Lucas left the blockbuster scene in 2012 and left the Star Wars franchise to other filmmakers. Lucasfilm was then bought out by The Walt Disney Company later that year and it was announced that episode seven would be released in 2015.

Now jumping into the present, four Star Wars films have been released since 2015 with a fifth on the way. The first film in the new trilogy, “The Force Awakens”, was received with praise from many fans. However many fans also began criticizing the film for its many scenes of fan service and not coming into its own.

The next film released was actually an anthology film titled “Rogue One." “Rogue One” has been looked at on by hardcore fans as the best film to come out of the new series. The film, instead of going into the present, went into the past to follow the rebels that stole the plans of the death star.

The next film released was the next mainline film titled “The Last Jedi." “The Last Jedi” was received negatively by fans, with many calling it the worst film in the franchise.The film has made many give up on the franchise with only the most loyal fans standing by it.

The last film that has been released up to this point is another anthology film titled “Solo." “Solo” follows the longtime, fan favorite, Han Solo as a young man in an expansive galaxy. The film however was yet again not received as well as planned, mainly due to the difference in casting.

In short, is Disney ruining the Star Wars franchise? No, Disney isn’t ruining Star Wars. If anything, they are helping the franchise survive. Did the masses love “The Phantom Menace” when it released? No, even till today people talk about how they hate “The Phantom Menace” and how it ruined the franchise. Even though “The Phantom Menace” wasn’t and isn’t loved by some fans many have switched their viewpoint and enjoy it. In time people will come to enjoy the flaws of the new films and they will sit next to the others.

Dawson Flaherty is a student at UW-River Falls.