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February 26, 2024




Coping with college stress can be solved one step at a time

September 20, 2017

The first weeks of school can become overwhelming for the majority of students. You find yourself settling into new locations and situations while trying to balance a heavy workload. The stress can become overwhelming and make you feel like you’re slowly drowning in all of your responsibilities. Class, jobs, clubs and social life slowly begin to take up all conceivable hours of the day.

But in the moments when it feels like all is lost, UWRF students can remember to do one thing: take a step back and breathe. One of the most common things that new students fail to realize is that you need to take time for yourself. While it’s an exciting time and being social is extremely important, college is also about finding out who you truly are. With no alone time to take a second to relax, it will only become more difficult.

Being active is another key in getting through the opening weeks of a semester. Finding a healthy release from class and work allows you to feel refreshed and tackle each day with a new attitude. Whether it is a leisurely activity or working out at the Falcon Center, there are many ways to take your mind off the pressing matters at hand. Staying healthy also includes getting to bed at a decent time and eating three meals a day. This may seem simple, but can get lost in the shuffle. Having a healthy body will impact your mental health as well. Student Health and Counseling Services puts on a Pet Therapy event on the first Friday of every month, which is always well received by college students.

Taking advantage of the many opportunities on campus can also help in wading through the first weeks. Joining a club or attending events can be important in meeting new people and findings things you enjoy. Many new students also struggle because they don’t have many friends to go through their experiences with. If you continue to put yourself out of your comfort zone and get involved, friends will come along for the ride soon enough.

Some students might be doing well with the social and health side of college, but struggling to make ends meet on the academic end. Resources like the writing center and tutors may seem daunting at first, but are invaluable tools that can get you through difficult assignments and tests. Making to-do lists and constantly crossing off finished assignments can give a sense of accomplishment and structure. Establishing a study schedule and planning where to study can also help shift focus from getting distracted by social media.

But in the end, college isn’t always for everyone. People may take a semester off and come back ready to learn more. Students drop out for a variety of reasons every year. But taking the steps above will make the transition all the easier for those returning or tackling college for the first time.