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May 26, 2024



Transition of leadership in student organizations brings about opportunity for change

May 4, 2017

As this academic year comes to a close, the Student Voice, like every other student organization on campus, is in the process of passing the leadership role to new students. This has led to a bittersweet feeling as those of us who are graduating prepare to leave the newspaper behind, and those of us who are about to step into leadership roles get ready for new responsibilities.

When we have something in our lives like a student organization that we are very passionate about, it can be hard to think about moving on. The thought of not taking an active role in that organization anymore can hurt, especially if our organizations feel more like a group of friends just hanging out.

One of the ways to get around this stress and pain is to make efforts to ensure a smooth transition. That way, as we leave, we can be assured our organizations won't fall apart without us. This has benefits for those who are leaving and those who are stepping up, as both parties can end the year confident.

Training is obviously vital to ensuring the survival of our organizations. Whether through an informative binder or hands-on experience, making sure that our new leaders know the details about how to run the organization is necessary. From learning the specific role responsibilities to the informal traditions like going out to eat after the last meeting of the year, being adequately prepared makes the transition a lot less intimidating.

Finding people who are as passionate as we are is just as important as this transition of leadership happens. Feeling committed and connected to an organization on campus can be a major source of satisfaction and social interaction. It makes a huge difference when we can say that what we work on outside of the classroom is a source of pride for us.

At the Student Voice, both our editor-in-chief and our assistant editor are graduating this semester. As we get ready to leave, we feel we're leaving the newspaper in capable hands, and we're proud of what we have accomplished in our time here.

As for next year, this transition in leadership brings about an exciting opportunity for change. Each new generation of leadership, staff and contributors has the power to make the Student Voice better. This is true for every organization, from sports clubs to identity-based organizations. This change is scary, but it's also exciting.