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April 25, 2024




College is like a marathon, but the finish line is in sight

November 9, 2016

The other day when I came home from class, I thought about the to-do list that I have stored in my brain and I began to prioritize what needed to be done first.

A chapter that I needed to have read for class the next day was the lucky contender, and so I pulled out my book and started to read. While I was trying to make sense of the information that I was reading, I heard a faint, but heavy breathing sound.

I turned to see that it was just my cat sleeping ever so soundly in her bed across the room. Most people would immediately think, “How cute," and she definitely was, all curled up and comfy. I, however, immediately became overwhelmed with jealously. That’s right, I was jealous of my cat.

As the semester pushes on, the amount of coursework I must complete multiplies, and the amount of sleep that I bask in decreases. I would love to say that each night I get a restful eight hours of sleep and wake up feeling like I just hit the lottery, but instead I get about six and a half and wake up feeling like I just got hit by a bus.

I think it’s unfortunate, but I feel like lack of sleep has become such a big part of “college culture.” I mean, oftentimes you’ll see the portrayal of the “typical college students” and they are studying all night and crawling into class the next morning with a cup of coffee the size of their head.

I say this as sarcastically as possible, but it’s quite reassuring to know that an article published by the University of Michigan states that college students are the most sleep-deprived population. It’s good to know that, because I oftentimes feel when I am sitting in my beloved classes that I am the only one who is ready to push two chairs together, lie down and call it a day.

My exhaustion has become so predominant that I think I am going to start needing my commute to class to be like that of a marathon. You know how they have people standing on the sidelines cheering the runners on and giving them cups of water to stay hydrated? Well, by the end of the semester, I feel like I am going to need a system of supporters lining the hallways, cheering me on as I sluggishly make my way to class, except I am going to need something a little stronger than water to keep me energized.

Now that I have ranted, I will say that when I complete my four years and finally receive that piece of paper I have busted my butt to earn, the sleepless nights and sore back from the amount of stress that I have lugged around will be worth it.

Until then, I will continue to give my cat the side eye from across the room and wish that I, for once, could curl up in a ball and lie in the warmth of the sun and sleep the day away.