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December 1, 2023



UW-River Falls student one of three new members appointed to UW Board of Regents

February 19, 2016

Gov. Scott Walker announced on Friday the appointment of University of Wisconsin-River Falls student Lisa Erickson to the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents. Erickson will replace Regent Nic Harsy as the non-traditional student on the Board whose term ends in May.

Erickson is in the Honors Program at UW-River Falls and is pursuing a degree in journalism with a food science minor. She previously owned a private, gourmet catering company called Wild Chow Catering and has also been a blog and television cooking segment host in Osceola. As a mother of four, Erickson writes a food column in the Osceola Sun newspaper and works as a counselor at the Tri-County Life Care Center.

“It is wonderful that a student from our campus has been selected to serve in this role,” said Chancellor Dean Van Galen. “It is a tremendous opportunity and responsibility for Lisa, and an honor for which UW-River Falls is very proud.”

One of 18 members on the Board of Regents, Erickson will help establish the policies and rules that govern the UW System, which is made up of 26 campuses and the statewide UW-Extension. The Board also plans how best to meet future state needs for collegiate education, sets admission standards, and
approves university budgets.

“I have been quite impressed with Lisa’s initiative and drive. When I saw the notice for a non-traditional student position opening on the UW System Board of Regents, I immediately thought of Lisa and encouraged her to apply. Obviously, Governor Walker saw that same thing!” said Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Tricia Davis. “I am very excited for Lisa and this amazing opportunity and experience that she will have representing UW System students on the board.”

The other two new citizen members appointed Friday by the Governor are Tracey Klein and Bryan Steil. In his press release, Gov. Walker stated, “We look forward to the leadership of Tracey, Bryan, and Lisa and thank them for their willingness to serve in this capacity.”

Sixteen of the 18 members of the Board of Regents are appointed by the Governor, and all serve without pay. Fourteen of the Regents are citizens who serve staggered seven-year terms and two UW System students are appointed for two-year terms. One of the two student members must be a non-traditional student, at least 24 years of age and who represents the views of non-traditional students, such as those who are employed or who are parents.

The three new appointees are considered Regent-designates until a final Senate confirmation. Their appointments are expected to be effective May 1.

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