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May 26, 2024



Student senate proves its new staff's conviction early

October 8, 2015

On Monday, Sept. 28, Student Senate held an “It’s On Us” event that accumulated 200 students and community members to spread the word about sexual assault prevention. On Thursday, Oct. 8, senate’s newly founded sustainability committee had its first official meeting. Only a month into the new academic year, it seems as though senate has a new sense of purpose.

Student Senate President Christopher Morgan has made it clear to anyone who will listen that senate will be focusing on four main issues this year: sexual assault prevention, mental illness, sustainability, and inclusivity on campus. With these new focuses, it is clear that senate is not messing around when it comes to making this year count.

When students are asked what they think about senate, there are usually two responses: either they don’t know what student senate is or that the university had a student senate, or something happened in the past that made them see senate is a bad light. So for students to be able to see senate make progress on issues that really matter is a refreshing change of pace and a step in the right direction for the university as a whole.

Progress can be also seen at the senate meetings. In past semesters, meetings lasted hours due to seemingly meaningless debates and clarifications that wasted time because of lack of research and preparation. When budget season came around, last year’s senate burned many bridges with students and student organizations, including the Student Voice and other student media organizations, when they tampered with thousands of dollars without any real indication of knowing how much the organizations really needed or respect toward fellow students.

At its meetings this year, members of senate not only introduce motions that would have a positive effect on campus, but also debate thoroughly while still voting on such motions in a timely manner. Through this, old wounds may be healed between students of the university and senate, leading to all students working together to make the college experience better for everyone and making the university better for future students.

Although the new academic year has just started, senate has already shown that it is ready for a fresh start through re-focusing on issues that not only matter to students, but are necessary for the university to be a safe and educational place for everybody. Senate’s has thus far displayed dedication to the student body and to its college. With more events that are sure to be on the way, it should be an exciting year