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April 25, 2024



Letter to the editor

New officers give life to UWRF fraternities

April 8, 2015

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) at UW-River Falls has received a face-lift in many ways, and we are pleased to be representing all fraternity life on campus.

With a new officer team being lead by President Will Larson from the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity, the IFC has began to take new initiative and direction. The IFC is looking to install new programs and awards from years past. One of our events that we have already held is our risk management workshop open to all Greek life and students. This event was a huge success for us as many of our Greeks work hard and are responsible for themselves as well as those around them. This workshop focused on the policies of the national IFC, in which all fraternities on campus are apart.

The team has been working hard on developing community and campus-wide events to not only benefit Greek life but everyone of campus. Nathan Elness, the Greek life advisor, is leaving after this year, and the position hasn't been filled. But, IFC has been working hard to take things from Elness and move them into officer positions, who will have more direct contact with the university and the staff. Vice Chancellor Gregg Heinselman has been very helpful and supportive as we begin this transition for next fall.

The office team consists of members from Theta Chi and Alpha Gamma Rho fraternities on campus with representatives coming from all three fraternities on campus. Delta Theta Sigma has been communicating strongly with the executive team to regain strength on campus and we're gladly helping them as they develop and strengthen their brotherhood.

Currently on the IFC are the following: Larson; Mark Martinez, vice president of programming; Patrick O’Connell, vice president of recruitment; Kris Nelson, vice president of risk management; Kyle Dahlquist, chairman of academics; and myself, chairman of community relations.

Currently serving as our chapter representatives are Sean Vanderheiden, Alpha Gamma Rho; Eric Mateske, Delta Theta Sigma; and Dominic Riel, Theta Chi. We are please to have all these brothers coming together to better our brotherhood throughout the Greek community.

We encourage you to reach out to any of us if your organization is looking for help or have any ideas or input for the IFC executive committee. We all wish you the best of luck as you finish your spring semester.

Bryce Krull
IFC Chairman of Community Relations