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April 25, 2024



'Well Check 2014' brings health awareness to campus

November 14, 2014

The UW-River Falls Student Health and Counseling Services hosted this years "Well Check 2014" on Nov. 5 to help students learn about the seven areas of wellness and how to manage healthy living on and off campus.

There were several booths dedicated to each area at Well Check, including financial, community, career, physical, social, emotional and academic.

Students could learn about healthy options when dealing with stress of classes or their financial aid situation.

"Well Check is like a mini-health fair, we are expecting 200 to 250 students," said UWRF student Sarah Stoneburg before the event.

There are many services provided for students to take part in to help them maintain all seven areas of wellness. There were 17 vendors at the event that encouraged students to seek out these services. Students who went to the event could visit the interactive booths and get a free massage, play games and win prizes. The goal was to learn about health practices offered on and off campus and around the community.

"Students can come in and talk to a counselor and we also have counseling groups that will help students manage their stress," said Alice Reilly-Myklebust, director of Student Health and Counseling Services.

UWRF has many opportunities to help students deal with their stress. "Pet therapy" is an event offered the first Friday of every month to help students relieve some stress or homesickness. Students can play with the dogs. The next Pet Therapy is from 3-4 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 5 in 211 Hagestad Hall.

Career Services had a booth where students could answer quick questions about their personality.

After adding up their score, Career Services could determine which color each student's personality fell under. Career Services has other tests students can take if they are uncertain about their major or need help deciding a major.

"They can relate this to their careers, discover some of their strengths, and relate that to their future and current goals," said Elizabeth Byers, a graduate student working for Student Health and Counseling Services.

Students found the Well Check useful in discovering ways to help deal with stress and maintain healthy lifestyles in the seven areas of wellness.

"I was interested in what they all had to offer. I get to learn how my personality works with other people," said UWRF student Kelsey Hancer.

Student Health and Counseling Services have many events for students to attend to stay healthy on campus. In addition to Pet Therapy, it offers Tai Chi, yoga and other weekly activities. For more information visit: