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May 26, 2024



Campus radio station deserves University Center support

November 7, 2014

When you walk into the University Center you'll probably hear the sound of students migrating along with either the personal playlist of the employee sitting behind the information desk or a radio station which is not WRFW; that is a problem.

WRFW is the UW-River Falls radio station which is based in North Hall. It features entirely studentrun programming between the hours of 1 p.m. and midnight, the majority of which consists of DJs playing their favorite music. The Student Voice is of the opinion that WRFW ought to be played in the University Center to promote the station and the students who work for it.

Currently, DJs at WRFW have no indication of their audience besides the people who call in on the studio's telephone. A DJ at the campus radio can presently consider him or herself lucky if they get one or two calls during their show. New employees at the University Center are told during training that roughly 7,000 people, on average, move through the building every day. Imagine the huge difference that would make to someone broadcasting their show. Playing WRFW would allow students trying to share their music to have a palpable audience and to feel a legitimate sense of accomplishment from their hard work.

Playing WRFW over the University Center speakers would also give students a reason to put extra effort into their shows and would reward those who already do. There is a great difference in the output of a student who thinks no one is listening to one who has a large and tangible audience. It would also be beneficial for students in the University Center; they would get to listen to their fellow students on the radio. Some DJs also hold events on their shows, which can consist of anything from CD giveaways to miniature game shows. This would really allow for a participatory and symbiotic relationship between broadcaster and listener, with both enjoying themselves and interacting with each another.

An argument against playing WRFW to such a wide audience concerns the station's massive musical diversity and the fact that there are bound to be shows that appeal only to small groups of people as opposed to the easily-digestible nature of the music we currently hear there. It is very easy, however, to switch back to the standard playlist or XM radio if the death metal is too unnerving or the pop is too sugary (if that is possible). WRFW could provide the information desk with the general theme of each show and what sort of music they can expect to be played. This way, the University Center can very easily switch back to its current musical rotation when public affairs or especially unappealing music are expected to come on.

Ask students: "Would you object to the University Center playing WRFW?" Let students listen to each other and encourage each other and bring awareness to a great organization.