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July 14, 2024

Homecoming window painting advertises organizations

October 3, 2014

The Asian American Association painting their window in the University Center.
The Asian American Association painting their window in the University Center. (Maggie Sanders/Student Voice)

On Wednesday before the start of Homecoming week, 14 different organizations painted the windows of the University Center, advertising Homecoming, but also giving the students an opportunity to spend time as a group in their organizations. The different businesses along Main Street in downtown River Falls will not have their windows painted during Homecoming week this year due to inclement weather.

Window painting has been around for six years. The River Falls Chamber of Commerce has always collaborated with UWRiver Falls on this project for those six years. It has always been near Homecoming week.

Each organization paints different images and words that represent Homecoming, as well as paints anything that is related to their own organization. The organizations at UWRF that signed up to do window painting include Asian American Student Association, Early Years Enthusiasts, Nordic Ski Team, MarComm Club, Muggles United and nine other organizations.

This also gives opportunities to the different members in the organizations as well. Conner Born, the vice president for Mar- Comm Club, says that window painting is an excellent opportunity for members to spend time together and just hang out. The window painting gives organizations an activity that they can do as a group.

The MarComm Club has been a part of Homecoming window painting for two years. Last year during Homecoming, they painted the front window of Bo’s N Mine. The businesses that wanted their windows painted signed up with the Chamber of Commerce.

The businesses that signed up were Bo’s N Mine, Brickhouse Music, Fox Den Used Books, Mainstreeter Bar and Grill, South Fork Café and 15 other businesses located along Main Street in downtown River Falls.

For the past six years Homecoming window painting had been a great opportunity for students and the community to come together during Homecoming week, as well as advertising both the university and the individual businesses located in downtown River Falls. Students would explore the businesses while admiring the paintings on the windows.

Amber Wilson, who is an intern for Student Life and in charge of the window painting this year, says that this gives the organizations a chance to collaborate directly with businesses if they choose to do so. Now that the organizations are no longer painting the windows of the businesses this year, it will be harder for organizations to collaborate with local businesses.

For the past six years the window painting gave the businesses in River Falls and the university an advertisement directed towards students and community members. This is a different type of advertisement that businesses can use which includes the college students directly. Most businesses advertise through coupons, advertisements in newspapers and online.

Advertising through coupons and other mediums that are directed towards students may be forgotten, looked over or lost. According to Born, advertising using coupons becomes redundant, and the businesses should be more creative about how they advertise.

Born encourages students to go out and explore the community. The businesses in River Falls can advertise as much as they want, but it’s up to the students to explore and go to the businesses on their own.

With this year’s Homecoming, the University Center will be decorated with paintings from the different organizations from UWRF.