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May 22, 2022




Tall roadside grass poses large threat for pedestrians

September 26, 2014

UW-River Falls students are becoming increasingly concerned about the tall ornamental grass that has been methodically growing in the median strip on Cascade Avenue.

While the grass is aesthetically easy on the eyes and does doll up the university (especially in autumn), it has become a danger zone for cyclists and pedestrians alike. As the grass has continuously risen, so has conversation and debate in seemingly every classroom over the past three weeks.

Some students have stated that only the city has the right to trim the grass, while others believe the responsibility falls on the university. Regardless of who is responsible for trimming the grass, it needs to be done.

A petition on, called “Cut That Grass!” has further spread word about the ongoing grass-growing outrage. As of Sept. 24, the petition has 100 supporters and counting.

The petition states: “The grass on Cascade Ave. is above the pedestrian’s heads and makes it very hard to see people walking or biking for the people driving down the road.”

Students are also using Facebook’s UWRFConfessions as an outlet to vent, while others are pro-grass ethusiasts. One confession states: “I actually think the grass on Cascade could be a lot taller/ thicker.”

There are many students who still believe that “it slows down drivers, making it safer,” but that statement may not be accurate. The grass will continue to climb until the weather takes an inevitable Wisconsin turn for the worse. But some student’s patience is wearing thin.

Another student on Facebook claims: “I can’t wait to be the first kid to run someone over and win in court.”

Ridiculous sarcasm aside, this student does have a point: the school may be liable if such an accident were to occur. Trimming with a weedwacker is undoubtedly a taxing activity, but such a job would only take 2-3 hours with a handful of workers.

Most students who have to frequently cross Cascade would prefer to see oncoming traffic, especially if the convenient traffic lights were to malfunction. The campus looks great, as usual, but please not at the expense of students and faculty. UWRF students have been heard, loud and clear. This problem should be an easy fix.