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July 14, 2024

Letter to the editor

Student returns lost rent money

March 7, 2014

Earlier this week, one of our students lost $500 while walking between the Agricultural Science Building and the University Center.

Now, one may ask why a student would risk carrying that amount of cash with them on campus, but that is not the point of this submission. This message is to extend a big thank you to the student who found the money and turned it in at the Information Desk. You could have pocketed the cash and not thought twice about it. Instead, you gave it to a staff member and hoped that it would find its rightful owner.

Within 10 minutes, the cash was claimed by a panicked student who had just lost his rent money. I wish you could have seen the sense of relief on his face when he discovered that his cash had not only been found, but turned in by a fellow student.

Thank you for demonstrating your integrity and concern for another member of our campus community. It is people like you who continue to make UWRF such a special place.

Sarah Egerstrom
Director of New Student and Family Programs

Joan Mayen
Information Desk Coordinator