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May 30, 2023




‘Bachelor’ nears conclusion to season 18

March 7, 2014

This “Bachelor” season, in the words of Chris Harrison, has been “the most dramatic season yet!”

Well, maybe I would not go that far. Every season has exact parallels such as the climbing up the building date and the word “amazing.”

But, in its own way, yes; this season has been dramatic. Two girls have left on their own, and how can we get through a season without a good cat fight?

Many fans have strong opinions about how this season turned out, and with the finale already next week, I think it is safe to say “Bachelor” fans are in for quite a dramatic roller coaster.

This season’s bachelor is Juan Pablo Galavis, a 32-year-old from Miami. Galavis is the show’s first Latino bachelor, as he traces his roots back to his home country of Venezuela.

He was chosen to become the next bachelor after creating a sizable fan base on Desiree’s “Bachelorette” season last summer. He did not even appear on her season that frequently, but his charm and devotion to his daughter Camila touched his fans, and not to mention his dashing good looks as well. “Bachelor” fans around the country were confident that this would be the best “Bachelor” season yet.

The contestants agreed. They were in awe of Galavis upon meeting him on the first night. Producers even had to allow for 27 contestants, instead of the usual 25, to cater to the outpour of interest this season. Some of the contestants we loved, some we hated and some just made us feel highly uncomfortable.

Kylie was one of those who fell into the uncomfortable category. During the first rose ceremony, Galavis calls Kat, and out comes Kylie to not get her rose. She thought Galavis said Kylie, not Kat. It was an honest mistake, until she was sent home.

Perhaps equally an equally big blunder was her hot pink, sparkly dress to complement (or not complement) her red hair. I was distracted by how closely she resembled Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.”

Another uncomfortable contestant was Lauren H., simply because she bawled her eyes out all night. She made the mistake of confessing to Galavis about an engagement gone sour, only on the first night. She, too, went home with the Little Mermaid.

Nothing topped Amy J.’s first impression when she gave Galavis an awkward massage. I guess people that work fast get sent home.

Last night was the “Women Tell All” special where all girls except the top two come back to share their thoughts on the season. There were some sensitive topics. Two favorites, Sharleen the opera singer and Andi the lawyer, left on their own.

Sharleen was one of the more mature and sophisticated of the contestants, probably a little too much so for a show like “The Bachelor.”

While she had the brains, maybe in hindsight it was a good thing that she left. Her relationship with Galavis was okay but always a bit unsettling. They were too different from each other. Plus, she kissed him like she would lick an ice cream cone. She simply left when she realized he was not the one for her.

It was a shame to see my two favorite contestants go, Renee and Andi.

Renee, like Galavis, is a single parent. She had a good heart, and she was always the girl everyone went to for advice. Her relationship with Galavis was one of the most genuine, but despite that, she was sent home after hometown dates in a tearful good-bye.

Most would love to see her appear as the next “Bachelorette,” but she will not be as she is engaged. Andi was another favorite. She was real, smart and stayed out of drama. She and Galavis had great chemistry, until after the fantasy suite episode.

He made it all about him and even made some rude comments, so she was not reluctant to stand up to him and leave the show.

That leaves us with the final two contestants, Nikki and Clare. These two were the source of this year’s drama, mostly because they were at each other’s throats.

I am personally on team Nikki, because her commentary is quite the source of entertainment.

Clare is too needy. She even went to his place during their stay in Vietnam late at night to take a swim in the ocean. Galavis told her the next day that it was a mistake. That and Andi’s dramatic exit make people question whether Galavis is a good guy. Most say no, but some still swoon over that gorgeous Venezuelan face. Okay, yeah, I am in the latter group.

Next week should be interesting as the season comes to a close. Will it be Clare? Or Nikki? Go Nikki!

Cristin Dempsey is an English major and music minor from Eagan, Minn. She enjoys writing, playing the flute and swimming. After college she would like to pursue a career as an editor.