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May 30, 2023



Alumni Relations hosts event in Denver

February 14, 2014

With 50 to 60 alumni events hosted each year by Alumni Relations at the UW-River Falls, this is the first year to have an event in Denver, Colo.

With 22 people attending this educational and university update event on Thursday, Feb. 13, Dean Van Galen, the 18th chancellor at UWRF, will be there to present this event. Van Galen is speaking at this event seeing as he is the leader of the University and is most knowledgeable about the updates and changes the school has been going through the last year.

According to the Alumni Association statistics, there are 39,485 living alumni in the United States, with the majority of those in the Twin Cities area. With 17,720 alumni just in the state of Wis., there are 250 people alone within a 75-mile radius of the event that will take place in Denver.

With different types of events being held throughout the year, some being educational and an update of the University, there are also social and fundraising events.

Dan McGinty, director of Alumni Relations, said that they engage and connect the alumni through print publications including the Falcon Features print publication which goes out once a year to alumni and a bi-monthly newsletter to those who have a valid email address. They also use social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as volunteer opportunities through various alumni boards through the colleges on campus.

Being a graduate of UWRF, McGinty has worked in the Alumni Relations office for 30 years and said that current students and alumni share a common bond in going to school at UWRF just by the stories you can share with each other and pass on to future students.

“If there is any opportunity where students can connect and network with alumni then they need to do that,” McGinty said. “Our office can be a host and make that happen because we have those connections with alumni out there; also I strongly encourage students to connect with Career Services to make sure you have your ducks in order in regards to your resume and how to network.”

From giving back, to sharing stories, to joining in at various events and much more, students and alumni play an essential role in the success of the University.

Alumni Relations aims to strengthen and maintain ties with all UWRF graduates and former students. They are here to serve and support the alumni through productive programs, such as the alumni magazine, The Falcon Feature, e-newsletters, as well as the events from socials, fundraisers and educational updates throughout the year.

For more information on alumni and events around the United States you can visit their web page by searching alumni relations on; or for information on how to connect with alumni, contact Alumni Relations and Dan McGinty at 715-425-3505 or