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September 22, 2023



Letter to the editor

Residence Life provides support

October 31, 2013

A column was written in the Oct. 25, issue of Student Voice that expressed some of the frustrations with campus residency.

People have the right to be upset with the areas of concern brought up, such as micro-fridge problems and the resident requirement. Some of those same frustrations I have had in the past and occasionally run into still today. Though I will not address every one of the individual frustrations, I will say this: we (Residence Life) are here to help.

It is amazing what resources are available in and through Residence Life. Just last week, I had some of my residents tell me about problems with a beeping fire alarm. We brought it up to our janitors and facilities management and they fixed the problem promptly. I have faith that they would address any other facility problem as well, such as mini-fridges.
As for the residency requirement, our hands are tied with the UW System Board of Regents, as are 10 other Wisconsin campuses. Though this requirement may seem limiting, it can instead be beneficial.

Every day, students are within immediate reach of fellow students, professors and faculty. The beginning of an inclusive and close community is already established just by being together in a hall or complex.

I speak on my part as well as on behalf of everyone in Residence Life when I say this once more: we are here to help. Let us be a resource, a mentor and a friend for you. We provide a care and service you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else but in Residence Life.

Zach Markhardt
Student, UW-River Falls