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June 12, 2024

Director of Residence Life leaves for Stout

September 19, 2013

Director of Residence Life Sandra Scott-Deux is saying goodbye to UW-River Falls and starting a new journey at UW-Stout.

“I really wasn’t looking to leave River Falls. I was recruited and encouraged to apply for that position at Stout and it really came down to the fact that they made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse and it was in the best interest of my family,” Scott-Deux said.

Scott-Deux has worked for Residence Life at the University for five years. As the Director of Residence Life and Student Rights and Responsibilities she oversees the University student conduct administration program, as well as handles the operational and programmatic aspects of the housing operations.

Since she has been at UWRF, she has made significant and positive changes to the University’s housing program. One of these changes was the addition of the Jesse H. Ames Suites that are connected to the South Fork Suites building.

Ames was designed for students in their sophomore year that are transitioning into living more independently.  Ames was also a very positive addition to the University because it is eco-friendly.

“The sustainability features of the building are pretty great,” Scott-Deux said.

Another eco-friendly change that has taken place since Scott-Deux has been in charge is that the entire housing management is online, and no longer uses paper. This means that students can sign up for living in residence halls online, as well as everything else that has to do with housing.

Another change that has happened since Scott-Deux has been at UWRF is that there are now complexes instead of individual buildings.

This is a new staffing model that just started this fall that has graduate students from UW-Lacrosse who are in charge of two buildings instead of one. These positions are known as “complex directors.”

With all of the positive changes that Scott-Deux has made over the past five years, the University, as well as students that know her, is sad to see her go.

Vanessa Tackman, a resident assistant for Crabtree Hall, said, “Residence Life will miss Sandi.  It will definitely be different without her here.”

“I’m not exactly sure what is to come, but I am sure there will be some changes,” said Tackman about the future with a new director.

Scott-Deux had similar bittersweet feelings when it came to leaving UWRF and beginning her new position at UW-Stout on Oct. 1.

“I have come to really love the students here, so it’s going to be hard to leave, but I’m excited about anytime when you go to a new job there’s always the excitement around figuring out what direction you want to take that department.”

As of now there is no one that has been hired to become the new Director of Residence Life.

“They hope to have someone in place as soon as possible.” Scott-Deux said.