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April 25, 2024



Annual bar crawl teaming up with Relay for Life

April 11, 2013

River Falls' fourth annual Bar Crawl will take place April 13, supporting local bars and restaurants and will serve to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

UW-River Falls alumnus Nick Asper has organized this event for the community and said it is finally big enough to team up with Relay For Life of Pierce County. Proceeds from supporting businesses, and from T-shirt sales, will be donated to further the medical research of cancer.

Relay for Life is volunteer-driven fund-raiser event of participants walking and running to raise money for the American Cancer Society. This year's bar crawl is perfect to turn philanthropic because it helps to commemorate the 100th birthday of American Cancer Society.

Twelve of Main Street's bars are stops of the bar crawl, and four other businesses are also contributing. The list of bars involved starting at the south end are: Junior's Bar and Restaurant, Emma's, Main Streeter Bar and Grill, Bo's & Mine, Lazy River, Ground Zero, Coaches, Mel's, the Corner Saloon, Johnnie's, Boomers and Shooters. Subway, South Fork Café, Bubba's Fried Chicken and Dominos are also part of the participating businesses either from donations or specials.

"Get a group of friends together, go out, have fun, act like responsible adults and give business to the local businesses," said Asper as he described the goal of this year's bar crawl. This year there is expected to be 400-500 attendees. The fourth annual crawl was put together by Asper and friends to gather up everyone and go have fun while helping out the local businesses. The first year had approximately 100 attendees and has continued to grow each year.

"This year's goal is to raise $500 for Relay for Life," Asper said.

Voices of the community have expressed concerns for the 'drinking event,' but precautions have been taken. River Falls Police is in contact with Asper to ensure readiness and guidelines. According to the River Falls Bar Crawl Facebook page, ''No one is forced to drink at this event. Drinking alcoholic beverages is your choice. Also, please behave in a mature manner both inside and outside the bars. Be courteous to the cops to ensure we can continue to have this event in future years."

UWRF Police Officer J.R. Trabler said all officers were informed for the upcoming event.

"Our everyday vision is to ensure safety," Trabler said.

He explained that it is a priority to protect the University and community property.

"Put in place proper steps to minimize the possibility to be in contact with law enforcement," and "Plan a safe crawl," Trabler said as words of advice to participants.

Bar owners and members from the city council have met to ensure safety and all bars agreed to have security at the doors. This will help to keep a safe environment and actually meet the goal of supporting the local businesses.

Junior's Bar and Restaurant Manager Jeff Wesley said, "It's a good day for business," and is happy to be a part of the community's event. With hundreds of individuals coming through the doors of all the establishments, it helps to promote River Falls' business, which was, and still is, the original goal of the bar crawl. Additionally, it helps a greater good: Relay for Life and its fund-raising efforts.