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February 26, 2024




Students going on service trips deserve recognition, thanks

March 21, 2013

The minute that spring break hits for college students, we put school completely out of our minds and get ready for a week of relaxation, fun or both.

However, 45 UW-River Falls students will be spending their spring break going on service trips as a part of UWRF’s Destination program.

For a group of college students to give the one week we have off during spring semester to give back to four different communities around the county is awesome.

How many people reading this will be sitting at home doing nothing or partying away their spring break? While these may be fine ideas, doing something to give back to others who may not be as fortunate as us can be one of the most rewarding experiences.

Yes, some students take the week we have for spring break to work. No one can fault a college student for working to get more money. If you are too busy over spring break, or wanted to sign up for Destination but were too late, there are other options.

There is no rule written, or unwritten, that the only time college students can go on trips like this is during spring break or a week or two during summer. You are allowed to help and volunteer your time any other time of the year.

A common theme echoed among those who have done the Destination trip, or other trips similar, is how appreciative the people who are being helped are.

If you are working over spring break, didn’t have time to sign up for Destination or don’t have the money to do it don’t despair. Take a weekend to volunteer at a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Gather a bunch of friends, or just yourself, and volunteer some of your time at Habitat for Humanity, there is one right here in River Falls.

The people in River Falls, or your hometown, will be no less grateful than the people you would see on a service trip to any part of the country, or world.

If you hear stories from friends, or overhear them around campus, about how great Destination, or the other trips like it, were then don’t wait until next year to sign up. Get involved doing the same kind of work in your community right now.

Again, it is amazing that 45 UWRF students are willing to give up a week of relaxation, partying or working to give back to one of four communities around the country. To those students, and others who are participating in a trip like this over spring break, we at the Student Voice say thank you.