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May 19, 2022


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Spring break offers time off regardless of location

March 21, 2013

The end of the stressful week we have been dealt is finally coming to close. With the end of tests, projects, presentations, relationship problems and family problems we can finally put away the books, papers, computers, phones and run to our destinations of freedom.

Whether you’re going home, somewhere warm and sunny, or somewhere with just as much snow, you have the next week to relax and put yourself first for once.

Not all of us can be so lucky as to escape to a warmer state, island or country. So if you are traveling consider yourself lucky and have fun and be safe.

We are young and have every right to go out let loose and have fun. Make memories, capture the moment, fall in love, live in the present and hold nothing back. These are the best days of our lives (it’s what we are told anyways), so make sure to hold nothing back, and say everything that is on your mind.

What am I doing you might wonder. Well, I am going back home to Minnesota to see my two remarkable parents and two little sisters. Not as exciting as I would like it to be, but it will still be nice to get away and run around with them all for a while. Even if I did choose to work a few days within the week, I am a poor college student and I have got to make that money.

If you are going at home over spring vacation like I am here are some things you can try:
1. Go to the movies with your family or friends.
2. Bowling/laser tag
3. Take a hiking excursion and don’t forget your camera.
4. Decide to take on a renovation that could be done within the house.
5. Go someplace you have never been, like a new restaurant, bar, club, store or park.
6. Go to a concert if there are any in your area.
7. Hit the gym and play a game of basketball with a group of people.

Let’s just hope there is no more snow over spring break, and we can finally move into that spring weather we are all so excited for. Being able to walk outside without bundling up in every accessory is something I know I am excited for. It’s not that I hate the snow; I just think I’ve had enough and I’m ready for the sunshine.

There will be six weeks left of classes and one week of finals when we all return from our week long break. Another semester will end and go in the books as a job well done (hopefully for most of us) and summer will begin with traveling, work, internships, laziness, whatever you are planning or choose to do. Forty-nine days until tanning, swimming, bonfires, camping, fishing, hiking and everything else you love to do in the summer. Just writing about it all fuels my fire to do the best I can with the time left, because once summer comes around, it will all be worth it.

Miranda Hammel is a journalism major. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, and being active outdoors.