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College events call for dressing part, stepping up

February 28, 2013

The stress is building. The weather has been on menopause the last month and girls and guys everywhere having been getting more lazy with what they wear.

Now I understand this is college and you are free to make your choices of what to wear; you’re a big kid I get it, but seriously let’s face it there are some people on campus who really need to pull themselves together. Oddly enough, you might be one of them.

Now I can attest to having my lazy days where all I want to do is throw on a comfy pair of sweats and a T-shirt and run out the door in UGGS. That might be OK on the weekend, if you’re staying indoors, but for class purposes I’m going to throw out some fahsionista ideas of how to dress for certain campus throw downs.

Library hours

It’s inevitable, everyone goes to the library to study, to work on projects and catch up on the reading that was due last week. When dashing to the library to focus, it’s all about layers. Being comfortable isn’t hard to do, so leave those pajama pants back home.

Girls: Wear some cute leggings, patterned or not with a large soft shirt and a sweater. Of course you have your jacket and winter essentials with you if needed, but you’ll stay warm when the library is pumping the AC and when it’s not warm enough in the winter.

Guys: Simple jeans and those all-time favorite Vans or Converse shoes, topping it off with pairing it with your favorite shirt is a sure way to go.

Formal event

Now I know this is a broad area, but if there is a dance, fashion show or a museum showing of art on campus there are ways to dress besides your best looking jeans and a button down shirt.

Girls: A cute fun dress approach with a sheer maxi skirt and a contrasting colored shirt. It’s fun, elegant and interesting to look at. Also instead of just opting for that little black dress, go with a brighter option. It’s always more fun and a trendy sophisticated way to show off your own style without being predictable.

Guys: Instead of the black dress pants try the dark colored kakis with a nice button down shirt in light colors with a unique pair of dress shoes, or casual classy shoes. You can always find cute deals at Target, trust me.


Every internship is different depending on dress code, but if it’s business casual you should take advantage of being able to have the pop of color make the whole outfit come together. What you wear can set the tone for your attitude the rest of the day.

Girls: Neutral colored knee length skirts with a bright shirt and cardigan are always a great choice when the weather kicks off. Let your personality shine through, but keep it classy and professional.

Guys: Wearing dark colored jeans, kakis, even the dress pants if you feel comfortable in those are all acceptable. Pairing those with leather boots, cotton shirts and a cardigan or leather jacket, if you can pull it off, will show you have the proper attire and pull off a flawless look.

The way you dress yourself for class and test days can affect how you do in that class. It sets off an attitude you don’t even realize is happening. It’s partly why private schools enforce a dress code. I’m just saying that presenting yourself in front of all of campus and staying comfy during the day is possible.

It takes small effort, just like catching up on that reading you forgot to do. No matter how much you want to run out the door in mis-matching clothes, shoes and a roll out of bed hair style, please reconsider what you are about to do. People will see, and comment, and it just doesn’t help you in the long run for jobs or internships because people won’t take you seriously. I know you can dress yourself, just step up your game a bit folks.

Miranda Hammel is a journalism major. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, and being active outdoors.