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February 26, 2024




Winter fashion in full swing at UWRF

November 29, 2012

I bit the bullet this week and confronted my fears of approaching people.
The truth is, I feel totally creepy when I just walk up to someone I don’t know and ask if I can take his or her picture. If someone asked me for my picture, I would probably say no.

Fears aside, this week I spotted a few fantastic pieces that I knew I had to ask about. Callie Langenhorst is in one of my economics classes and sits behind me, so when I glanced across the room, her boots caught my eye. I am in love with laced mid-length boots and just bought my own pair that I haven’t taken off in a week.

I love how Langenhorst paired hers with woolen socks that are peeking out of the top; the socks added a bit of contrast between the boots and dark pants. Her sweater, a shawl-like cardigan, is perfectly cozy for the bitter cold that finally arrived.

She bought it at Goodwill; for college students dressing on a budget, you can’t beat Goodwill.

Zora Liao was sitting outside of Freddy’s C-Store when her bright hat and coat caught my eye. When I approached her to take her photo, she told me that she didn’t like what she was wearing. I don’t know why because the hat and coat are adorable. Personally, I find it hard to wear bright colors. Black and neutral beiges are my staples, so I’m trying to incorporate more color. I’ve seen a lot of black coats around campus (mine included), so it was really refreshing to see bright green and blue.

Alysha Knandel walked past me in the University Center and I had to stop her to ask her where she bought her scarf.

It has a skull pattern and sometime earlier this semester I mentioned that I love skull scarves, especially ones from Alexander McQueen.

Since that is so out of my price range it’s laughable, I would love to own someone else’s version. Knandel’s was a gift so I’ll have to keep searching.

Knandel also had a leopard-print purse. Leopard may seem like a really busy print, but it’s actually considered a neutral, so it goes with everything.

I use to think leopard was for Jersey girls, but now I can’t stop buying it.

Even my phone case is leopard (and we all know how much of a commitment a phone case is).
There’s only a few weeks left in this semester and it’s going to be busy. Aim for comfy but not too comfy; I always feel better and more prepared wearing jeans or pants instead of sweatpants. Study hard!

Amanda White is a junior majoring in journalism. She appreciates good books, good style, and good conversation.