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June 12, 2024

Letter to the editor

Why do we show those bloody photographs?

October 5, 2012

Why do we show those bloody photographs? Because people need to see what a child looks like after he or she has been in the hands of an abortionist at a Planned Parenthood clinic. Without the pictures, the words which describe what they do to the pre-born lack punch and are easily forgotten.

After 39 years of state-legal baby-murder, it is time for the American people to see who is dying. The media has censored the pre-born child from the “abortion debate,” and we are simply attempting to bypass that media blackout by going to the streets and showing the American people exactly what a pre-born child murdered by abortion looks like.

We show these photos to inform our nation that it has violated God’s Law and to call people to repentance. Our photos stand as a haunting indictment upon our nation.

Some say our photos are disgusting and hurt our Christian witness. Our response: have you ever seen a pretty picture of a murder? Murder is disgusting; abortion is murder. Therefore, our pictures are disgusting.

Also, what hurts our Christian witness more - being silent while our neighbor is unjustly killed or exposing the evil works of darkness [Ephesians 5:11] by showing the atrocities being committed against our neighbor? We think the former. What a pathetic people we are if we want to tolerate the oppression of an entire group, but then become outraged when someone displays the suffering of that group.

May people be moved with compassion for the helpless pre-born when they see these photographs and act to see this bloodshed outlawed. Otherwise, God will use his sword of justice and bring retribution upon a nation of people whose hands are covered with blood.

Pastor Matt Trewhella
Milwaukee, Wis.