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May 27, 2022



Letter to the editor

Passing the big exam on Election Day

October 5, 2012

Reminder to college voters: you have a major exam coming up on Nov. 6. You can ace this exam, using the knowledge resources and diverse thought that are a part of your university experience. And, after all, you have much at stake in this election.

The process of determining votes should reflect the complex roles of our elected leaders, who must balance the needs of many constituents, consider the long-term impact and fairness of decisions, and have a broad vision about how limited resources can best be used. Your vote should be a judgment of which policies, which contrasting proposals, and ultimately which candidates best further these broad governing principles.

There is a lot of campaign money being spent to ensure that campaigns, by isolating narrow voting blocs and pandering to their self-interests, will be won. This is about “divide and conquer.” Don’t fall for it — governing is about uniting! Instead, help tip the balance toward the thoughtful voting our democracy needs.

You have unequalled access to the information needed to objectively evaluate voting options. Beyond libraries and classrooms, you engage with faculty and students with diverse personal experience and academic and career interests – a microcosm of our nation. Foreign students help you to understand America’s role abroad. All these resources and engagements have prepared you to make sound voting decisions.

So think through your positions on the issues and candidates, be properly and accurately registered to vote and vote without fail on November 6.

Larry Nevin
Los Altos, Calif.