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February 26, 2024




Help offered for stress overload

October 11, 2012

Let’s face it, college can be a stressful time for everyone. Whether recognized or not, almost every student is probably getting stressed out more than is necessary. It could be anything from homework overload to having to pay off the bills to pressure at work. As a college student there is stress coming from every angle.

The effects of stress on the human body are definitely something to take note of. In fact, in America about 43 percent of adults suffer from stress related symptoms and about 80 percent of all doctor’s visits are stress related.

It’s understandable. In our society, especially that of a college atmosphere, we are constantly held to deadlines and expectations that we feel we have to meet. There isn’t much of a question that the life-long stress gets its start in college. However, there are ways to prevent it.

Counseling Services offers all sorts of counseling sessions for students ranging from stress and anxiety to depression and relationships. It should also be noted that this is a free service. If you are feeling even a little bit stressed out, or are having some problems in life then a visit to Counseling Services would be well worth the trip to Hagestad Hall.

A great deal of life’s problems can be solved by talking about them. If you even think you are getting overstressed or worked up about something, it is important to be proactive. Go and have a chat with Counseling Services, it could be well worth the time.

A common perception in our society is also that asking for help in an instance like this is considered ‘weak.’ Getting help for something potentially serious to your health and well being should never, under any circumstances, be considered ‘weak.’ Asking for help is definitely a stronger thing to do than trying to conquer something all by yourself.

However, not all issues are on an individual level. Group problems can arise just as easily as individual problems. In this instance, Counseling Services also offers group counseling, also free.

We at the Student Voice definitely urge you to be proactive if stress and other life issues are infringing on your ability to function or think correctly.    What could just be a quick visit to Counseling Services could change and help you in ways that you simply haven’t imaged. Don’t leave everything bottled up, that can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Campus resources are available. If you use them is entirely your choice, but it might just change your life if you take the time to use those resources.