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February 26, 2024




Germany: More than Oktoberfest, bratwurst und bier

September 20, 2012

Have you ever made up your mind about studying in Germany? Studying abroad will offer you the opportunity to learn the language in a natural environment surrounded by native speakers. What would be more fun than sitting in a “Biergarten” with a bunch of Germans drinking a cold Licher-Bier?

I am convinced that this would be more fun than just sitting in a classroom.

Maybe you think that we all wear the “Dirndl,” as Germans are often pictured wearing them, but it is only a national cloth in the region close to my region, Hessen, Bayern (Bavaria).

Also, the Oktoberfest is not a national holiday, but it is quite fun to go there. Also having a lecture with around 500 people in the “Auditorium Maximum” which means “biggest lecture hall” can be quite exciting, even to us Germans.

Another thing, Germany is famous for are our huge Christmas Markets. Here we love to drink “Gluehwein,” which is hot wine with some other spices and eat a lot of sweets, while listening to Christmas songs. Although children in the States get their presents on December 25, German children in Germany get their presents on Holy Eve, Dec. 24.

In my country we do not have a Santa Claus, but we have Christ Child and on Dec. 6th Saint Nicholas brings us apples, oranges and nuts.

Huge cities such as Frankfurt can be reached easily by train and bus, and it is free for students.

Interested in studying abroad? Meet us 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on September 26 at the Falcons Nest. Who are we? We are student ambassadors from two universities in Hessen, Germany, and we hope to meet you and answer your questions.

Jennifer Holzinger is an international student from Germany.