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June 16, 2024


Fall fashion strikes UW-River Falls campus

September 27, 2012

Lisa Vang
Lisa Vang is a sophomore studying TESOL. The favorite component of her outfit is her rain boots. She says her style inspiration is "whatever is in my closet."

The autumn season has officially started and UGG boots are back. Now, I’m not saying I hate UGG boots. I own my own pair, and sometimes no other footwear will do but a fluffy, warm, pair of boots.

However, fall is a perfect combination of brisk and dry weather, which leaves many opportunities to try out new kinds of footwear, such as nice knee-high riding boots or faux suede ankle boots with a small heel.

I own both of these options and probably over wear them, but they always look chic in a neutral color paired with pants or dresses. Just add tights if you are going to wear a dress with your boots. You can find affordable versions of both riding and ankle boots from stores like Target or Forever 21.

While UGG boots will always be a comfy favorite of mine for a lazy day, I am always trying to advance my style.

Fashion shows, complete with runways, loud music and hordes of stylish spectators, are always fun to watch. However, when I first began following the fashion industry seriously I was always confused by the fashion shows.

Martasia Person
Martasia Person is freshman studying business. Her boots are the favorite component of her outfit. Her style inspiration is Rihanna.

For example, New York Fashion Week, which showcases designers such as Rodarte, Jason Wu and Proenza Schouler, occurred just a couple of weeks ago. All of the designers were showing their spring/summer 2013 collections.

Fall has only just begun, meaning many are wearing trends introduced at the fashion shows in January. Next spring, designers and stores will roll out designs originally shown this September.

I have always wondered how designers knew what would be popular in six months. Then, I realized that the designers were the people who set trends. It’s a funny story, but I still find it difficult to focus on fashions that won’t be available or practical to wear for months.

Amanda White is a junior majoring in journalism. She appreciates good books, good style, and good conversation.