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June 12, 2024


Cold weather brings new fashion to students

September 20, 2012

Campus Style is a new column at the Student Voice dedicated to fashion at UW–River Falls. Each week, I will select a couple of students to be profiled in Campus Style based on their unique, individual style. I wish to catalogue the varied styles worn around campus and illustrate how a UWRF student can interpret fashion for a college campus and budget.

Students model their fashion.
David Bezat is a sophomore in English education. The favorite component of his outfit is a pink Patagonia shirt from Treasures of the Heart (located in downtown River Falls!). His favorite place to shop is, a website featuring casual menswear looks inspired by California. Bezat's style inspiration is Bob Marley, specifically his heavy denim and cool boots. Natalie Renschen is a sophomore studying elementary education. Her favorite component of her outfit is a chambray shirt from the Gap. Renschen's favorite place to shop is Urban Outfitters and thrift stores. Her style inspiration is what people are wearing on the street in urban areas.

Every month I read “Glamour,” “Vogue” and “InStyle” magazines and add endless amounts of clothes and accessories to my wish list, knowing I could never afford them. Fashion also needs to be edited from runway looks to everyday looks that will stand out but be practical for walking around a small-town college campus.

Therefore, I thought it would be relevant to delve deeper into the topic and share what I learn with the whole campus, and hopefully engage students in a conversation about style.

A few items on my personal wish list are a statement bib-style necklace, a blouse with a peter-pan collar and jewel details, a faux leather skirt, and a cream tuxedo jacket.

The days are getting colder and shorter, and students are making the switch from summer to fall clothing. This season, expect to see rich, deep colors such as oxblood and emerald everywhere.

The colored denim trend is still going strong, but has been updated for fall with darker hues and a new name: coated denim.

The shiny, waxy finish of coated denim is a more affordable and wearable alternative to leather. This week, however, I have highlighted one of fall’s biggest trends that has hit River Falls: the chambray shirt.

Chambray is lightweight denim that has taken over runways and fashion magazines. This week, Natalie paired her chambray shirt from Gap with dark skinny jeans and beaded Minnetonka Moccasins, resulting in a look that is classic and perfect for a brisk fall evening.

If you have any questions about what I’ve discussed here or fashion in general, email me at and I will do my best to find the answers! I would also love any feedback you have to give!

Amanda White is a junior majoring in journalism. She appreciates good books, good style, and good conversation.