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December 1, 2023



Letter to the editor

Student Voice editorial board asked to apologize

March 23, 2012

The editorial published in the March 9th edition of the Student Voice written by the Voice editorial board was first of all not completely accurate, and second of all showed the board to not be open to other viewpoints on campus.

First, the editorial was written in a way that led the reader to believe the proposal to increase the Student Health Fee was failed by the Senate, when in fact the Senate passed the proposal by a wide margin. The editorial also showed obviously that the editorial board at the Voice is pushing an agenda.

To quote the March 9th editorial, “Having contraceptives freely available to students is something that shouldn’t even be an issue.” The editorial board reserves the right to have that opinion, but at the same time the editorial board does not speak for all of campus, and in fact may not even speak for a majority of it.

To demonize senators who have a different viewpoint than you does not mean they are not representing the student body, but instead are representing a different portion of the student body.

For the editorial board to believe that they alone represent the views of the student population as a whole at best represents arrogance and at worst represents elitism. Instead of demonizing student senators you do not agree with you should be applauding senators for debating issues that matter to campus, and bringing different viewpoints to the table.

The University setting is supposed to be a market of free ideas, and when the Student Senate is functioning at its best that is exactly what it is. The Voice editorial board needs to get off their high horse, and realize that there is not one view worldview on campus, but in fact multiple.

Carlan David Strand