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December 6, 2023




‘The Vow’ brings incredible love story to silver screen

February 17, 2012

“The Vow,” with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams is based on a true story. It has only been in theaters for three days, and the box office earnings have been incredible.

This film is inspired by the lives of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. They met in 1992, married in 1993, and two months after their wedding, their lives were turned upside down. The pair were involved in a horrible car accident. The crash left Krickitt with absolutely no memory of her marriage to Kim. He did everything to try to jog her memory. The film depicts a husband’s loving devotion to his wife, trying to get her back by any means possible.

Now Tatum is already a hunky Hollywood star, but seeing him as a dedicated man, hoping his wife will fall in love with him all over again is so endearing. By the first few seconds of the movie, I was instantly drawn in. The film was not like any other tragic accident, having to fall in love all over again type of films. I think it was better because of the fact that it is inspired by actual events.

I am always a sucker for those sorts of films. “The Vow” goes on to show the struggles that Leo, played by Tatum, must go through to help his wife Paige, played by McAdams, regain her memory. He uses pictures, videos and the events from their first date in hopes that she will remember any slight memory of their life together. The story unfolded so nicely. There were happy moments, tense moments and moments in which I thought all hope was lost. It sort of wrapped all of the great love stories up into one.

I guess I would say it was like “The Notebook,” only the couple was still in their younger years.

I have read the true story online and there were parts of the film that really captured what happened.

Like Leo with Paige in the movie, Kim had to make Krickitt fall in love with him for the second time. Overall, I enjoyed the movie. It represents what true love is all about. True love is not only about the good times, but the bad times as well.

Marriage isn’t easy. When people take those vows and say “in sickness and in health,” it means a lot. Leo took those vows to heart and tried his best to make his wife happy.

However, I wish the movie had ended a bit differently than it did. I wish there had been a scene that showed what happened to Paige and Leo after everything they had gone through.

There was a photo of the real like couple, though. Kim and Krickitt were happily married with two children, even though she never got her memory back.

It was a wonderful heart wrenching film that many girls will drag their boyfriends to. Even if you don’t
have anyone special to see it with, I would still go, because everybody should believe in love.

Samantha Harkness is a journalism major at UW-River Falls. She loves reading, writing and watching movies.