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March 26, 2023



Letter to the editor

River Falls citizen despises roundabouts

February 24, 2012

I was asked recently if I thought Americans were being dumbed down. I said, “it’s obviously true, because even though the Minnesota Vikings have had 51 years of futility, millions of people remain Vikings fans.”

We Wisconsinites also cannot claim superior I.Q. Roundabouts are being planned for Cascade. In fact roundabouts are now everywhere.

Semi drivers hate roundabouts. Snowplow drivers hate roundabouts. Old geezers (me) hate roundabouts.

Roundabouts originated in England and Ireland. People who live in England and Ireland hate roundabouts. Question: why would many millions of people from England and Ireland emigrate to America? Answer: to get away from roundabouts.

P.S. I have no computer at this time but am looking into a wood burning type.

Marvin L. Nelson
River Falls