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March 2, 2024



Campus holds fundraiser for Mexican orphanage

February 3, 2012

From Feb. 3 to the 17, students will have the opportunity to participate in a campus-wide Change Wars program to help raise money for Esperanza Viva, a youth orphanage located in Puebla, Mexico. The program will be taking place at the University Center Information Desk during the building’s regular hours of operation.

“Change Wars are a traditional fundraiser for the residence halls to use for various causes,” said David Peschman, former Resident Assistant and manager of the event.

“Residents are to put change into their own hall’s jar in order to earn positive points. However, as a fun little sabotage twist, in a change war, you may put cash in another hall’s jar which will deduct points from that team. The two halls with the most points in the end will be considered the winners and will receive the prizes which will be raffled off at their next hall council meeting,” said Peschman.

Previous Change Wars have raised donations from up to $100 to $150 for their individual residence hall. With the campus-wide Change Wars being a first, Peschman anticipates each hall raising a minimum of $50 in donations.

The Change Wars program was inspired by a mission trip that Peschman and fellow students Colin Seaborg, Meghan Seaborg, and Brynn Ribbens are participating in to Esperanza Viva.

“Esperanza Viva is a youth home dedicated to rescuing and restoring children who have been abandoned, abused or otherwise severely neglected by their parents or caretakers,” Colin Seaborg said.

Founded by St. Paul natives Jerry and Suzy McNally, Esperanza Viva provides room and board for approximately 90 children up to age 18, as well as providing high school education, vocational and job-skills training.

“The campus change war event will benefit Esperanza Viva by assisting them to raise funds for constructing a new building, which will house short-term mission and service groups, as well as the interns working at the orphanage,” Seaborg said. “All of these children come in hurting and broken as a result of the abandonment and abuse that they have suffered through. I am continually amazed by the joy and peace that these youth exhibit as a result of their time at Esperanza Viva.”

Posters and more information about the event should be released closer to the start of the event, said Crabtree RA, Brooke Paynter.

“We did Change Wars in Crabtree last semester when David was a resident here and residents love it! They either wanted to participate because they wanted to see us get pied in the face, cared about the circumstances of the orphanage, or both. David is the most caring guy I’ve ever met, he is so happy to help anyone and is very excited for his opportunity to bring the donated money to the orphanage and volunteer his time there,” said Paynter.

More information about the event can be found on the event’s Facebook page or by contacting David Peschman at