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Letter to the editor

Student’s rebuttal to previous letter to editor

December 9, 2011

In last week’s edition of the Student Voice, there was a letter to the editor written about the recent inclusion of a pamphlet favoring the pro-life argument in the controversial issue of abortion. In the letter, the writer, as well as others, was outraged that an unbiased paper would include such an insert and his intent stated that he wanted the Voice to know of the insert. I have one simple question to ask. When he was writing that, did he honestly think that an insert could be put into several hundred copies of a paper and no one in the production of our student paper would notice it?

Personally, the insert did not offend me, despite being pro-choice. I was not offended because, though I may be pro-choice, I believe that one should listen and respect the opposing side of an argument, no matter how controversial the subject or in what form the argument comes in. The insert may have been one sided but it presented each of us who is pro-choice, as well as pro-life, with valuable information. I think we can all agree on that, and because of said information, I would either hope it would help strengthen your reasons for being pro-choice or pro-life, or at the very least make you question what you believe, which is the point of any good debate.

If the people who are pro-choice were so offended by the inclusion of the insert then they should come up with an insert of their own to counter it, as they are able to in this country, which guarantees freedom of speech.

I believe this paper to be unbiased, despite what others may say, and for those who think it was, I say lighten up and remember this is just a student newspaper. Have a merry Christmas and if you want to read a biased paper, read The New York Times or Wall Street Journal.

Darren Spence