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June 20, 2024

Letter to the editor

Student disapproves of Student Senate president

November 4, 2011

As a former student senator, one of the lessons I learned from my predecessors was to remain non-partisan on Senate business and to act on behalf of the student body. That was the most effective way of representing those who elected us. However, it seems that Student Senate President Tyler Halverson has failed to carry out that core role.

Regarding last week’s article about the voter ID bill, our president mentioned his affiliation with the Democratic Party -- an obvious violation of the non-partisan code. In this instant, it becomes clear that our president is acting on behalf of personal partisan ideas instead of the student body as a whole. It’s rather disheartening, considering I once viewed him as a friend -- heck, I campaigned for him last year in his run for president.

There is a time and place for everything, and my point is as follows: keep partisan politics out of the Senate. The student body only cares that you are looking out for their interests, rather than your own. By the way, it’s the same body that can call on your fellow senators to remove you. You’re a president, not a dictator.

Michael Leonard


Lance on 04 Nov 2011: I couldn't agree with you more Mike! It seems Tyler has brought his left wing ax to grind! The majority voted him in and the majority can vote him out as well!