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February 26, 2024



Letter to the editor

Halverson embodies needs of students

November 18, 2011

It appalls me to think that people may be forming an inaccurate picture of what Tyler Halverson is like as our Student Senate president. It needs to be pointed out that he is a great asset to the UW-River Falls campus and student body. As the president of my student organization, which includes bi-partisan membership, I have always felt comfortable asking him for help with anything on campus. Halverson has friends on both sides of the political fence. I do not think, in any way, that Halverson acts with anything in mind except the needs of the student body. This includes all of the student body. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but leaders, like Halverson, should not be discredited when their private opinions play absolutely no role in their public accomplishments.

Linda Warner



Lance on 30 Nov 2011: Mr. Eric, If Mr. Halverson chooses to deal with those who disagree with him by unfriending & blocking that's his choice and I'm just telling it how it is! The truth shall be set free, if you call that whining that's your opinion & maybe you should worry about your life rather than mine! I'll tend to my work and you can do what ever pleases yourself! When it comes to "all 6 of the College Republicans on campus" we choose quality NOT quantity! God Bless! #recallhalverson

Eric on 27 Nov 2011: Lance, I'm sure your personal attacks against him had nothing to do with said blocking. However, the fact that you're whining about facebook like that suggests that there is no possible way you could have a life. Shouldn't you be working on your studies or something?

Lance on 22 Nov 2011: Sorry Mr. Eric, I have a life and personal attacks against me will not really help your cause, I was not intending to "stifle that" I am American enough to Capitalize American! I believe that offense was meant by the comment by the very words uttered, and since the College Republicans were obviously offended the very least Mr. Halverson can do is apologize! Also it should be stated that Mr. Halverson HAD "friends on both sides of the political fence" as he unfriended AND blocked myself and at least one other person on facebook who disagree with him! That's his choice & I respect it, although I disagree with it. Now I've been unfriended and blocked before but never because of political reasons, Mr. Halverson is my friend, regardless of what facebook or anyone else says, it seems he can give but not receive his "private opinions". God Bless #recallhalverson

Eric on 21 Nov 2011: Lance, get a life. I'm sure Halverson didn't mean to offend all 6 of the College Republicans on campus. Moreover, we have a thing called the first amendment in this country. You trying to stifle that is simply un-american.

Lance on 21 Nov 2011: I agree that Mr. Halverson has done some good things, however it would greatly help him if he chose to not speak his mind on some issues that obviously offended a fair amount of people! His "private opinions" should be kept private! #recallhalverson