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May 23, 2024



TV on the Radio releases ‘Nine Types of Light’

May 5, 2011

Over the last couple of months the Indie group TV on the Radio, has been taken on one hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride.
Seemingly going from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. On April 12, the group released their fourth album “Nine Types Of Light,” and had a solid tour coinciding with that. Excitement in the music community was brewing and a relatively rare tour was expected in our very own First Avenue Danceria in Downtown Minneapolis. 

Yet in one quick swoop, the excitement ended, the party was over, and the fragility of life was depressingly and abundantly clear. On the morning of April 20, 2011, the bassist of the group, Gerard Smith, passed away at the shockingly young age of 34 due to lung cancer.
The music industry was shook to its core at the loss of another great musician at such a young age, especially given the circumstances.

Understandably, the group immediately canceled its upcoming seven shows and took an expected leave of absence from touring. Upon hearing the fateful news, I was shocked, confused and humbled.

As a huge fan of the group, I was excited to witness their brilliance firsthand, yet there was little I could do than take time to reflect on their path to fame and wish the band my condolences.

Naturally, I took time to reflect back and give their albums a thorough listen through, including their most recent release “Nine Types Of Light.”

With that said, I feel that this could be there best album yet. It’s cutting edge, playful and fun to listen to, and strikingly emotional in some songs. Not only that, but the band took the time to make a video that helps the story of their songs flow together fantastically and offers a closer perspective of their genius.

Furthermore, picking favorite songs from this album is next to impossible. Every song remains more than capable of making its way to ‘single status’ in today’s music industry. 

So my message to you readers out there is simple. Even if you know nothing about TV on the Radio, go out and listen to their new album “Nine Types Of Light.”

Music of this sort is groundbreaking, universal and moving to listeners of all backgrounds. For those of you readers out there with any fain interest in the group, pay Gerard the respect of supporting his band and remembering him through their music.

Despite his passing, he will continue to live on amongst us through his music and his bandmates.

All in all, TV on the Radio offers listeners a glimpse of brilliance with their most recent album release of “Nine Types Of Light,” and pays a testament to the passing of Gerard Smith with their emotional leave of absence from their upcoming shows.

Ryen Kleiser is a laid back biology student at UW-River Falls. He is hoping to become a well-known marine biologist and teacher.