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May 30, 2023




Professors, students show mutual respect

April 21, 2011

The end of the academic year is less than a month away and many students are busy with papers, tests, projects and presentations. This overload in course work causes several things to happen for most students.  First, procrastination sets in. Then, once time has slipped by and the due dates are fast approaching, students pull all nighters and drink copious amounts of caffeine.  This invariably leads to irritable moods and negative perceptions of professors.  Students, who are contemplating over their present predicament, blame and victimize their professors who assigned all the work that put them into their downtrodden mood.

Although it may seem like we students are victims of oppression by mean tyrannical professors, that is clearly not the situation at hand. Professors need to be appreciated for their knowledge that they provide and the examples that they set.

While we as students have an obligation to respect our professors and do our course work, they also have a contract to meet.  Professors must grade our papers on time and post grades in a prompt manner so that students know where their grade stands.  We understand that they are busy and have a life outside of this institution but they have a duty to meet and some fall short of that.