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April 25, 2024



Graduating senior bucket list

April 14, 2011

UW-River Falls senior Nicole Leisgang has all ready spent an evening in the observatory on campus but she has several more things on her “college bucket list” that she must complete before she graduates.

Leisang said she came up with a list of various things that she thinks most UWRF students should complete before they graduate. Although she is the only one amongst her friends that has such a list, she said they tag along with her when, for instance, she rents a book from the library for the first time.

Some of the things on the list that have been crossed off so far include learning to dance, which was accomplished when she enrolled in a social dance class for her Physical Education course.  Getting a “grown up job” is also crossed off after she found out she was hired by the company Covance in Madison, Wisc.

Leisang also has eaten a pickled egg at Mel’s Bar although she strongly urged, with an expression of disgust, that no one else try it.

There are still several things on the list that need to be completed in less than a month. Some of those things include going out every night for an entire week, or ordering one drink from every bar on main street. (Leisang had prior obligations last weekend and couldn’t attend the bar crawl).

Leisang also still needs to go to Mel’s before 10 a.m. and swim in the Kinnickinnic.

Leisang also wanted to have her name in the Student Voice, although she preferred that it wouldn’t have to appear in the police report. Now she can cross that off her list as well.