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March 2, 2024




Florence and the Machine storms indie music scene

April 28, 2011

Over the last few months, absolutely no band has been hotter on the indie music scene than the fantastic Florence and the Machine.

Seemingly out of nowhere came this powerhouse of a group and with no warning, the industry has been overcome with their majestic ways and charming music.

Without question, Florence in every way acts as one hell of a strong lead woman in any band; let alone leading the uber-talented group Florence and the Machine. Yet despite her immediately strong presence, Florence Welch also contributes a subtleness often unseen among most musicians in the current music industry.

With the group’s first album release of “Lungs” coming nearly a year and a half ago, you may wonder why exactly I’m discussing this, given it’s not really a new release. That said, even being an older album, it took awhile for “Lungs” to really reach the American music audience and assimilate its way into the American music industry.

Just recently, it would seem that this album has fully reached its true potential, and as aforementioned, there couldn’t be a more popular band on the forefront of the indie industry.

On another note, for you big indie fans out there, if you want to catch a closer look at this group, they have released a scheduled show in July playing with the modern day rockstars, better known as the Black Keys. Not a bad way to be introduced to this band, if I may say so myself.

Over that past few months, you may have heard some of the highlights of the band’s only album played over the local radio airways of UW-River Fall’s radio station WRFW 88.7 FM, or quite possibly 89.3 FM The Current.

The album offers highlights that must include the hit single “Dog Days Are Over,” as well as, “Cosmic Love,” “Rabbit Heart,” and “Kiss With A Fist.”

Now without a doubt, to fully appreciate the album you should give it justice and listen to it completely. Yet for those of you readers short on time or patience, tune on into to the above mentioned hits and you’ll catch a glimpse of the brilliance of Florence Welch and her band mates.
Nearly all of the songs exhibit the beautiful playfulness that is Florence and almost uncertainly will get stuck in your head. The “Dog Days Are Over” and “Kiss With A Fist” offer what must be the playful pop songs of the album.

Also, “Cosmic Love” and “Rabbit Heart” are emotional masterpieces and standout unique works of art. Justifiably, this album found its way to the American audience and industry, and now Florence and the Machine are on their way to becoming a household name in not only the American Indie Music Industry, but also the American music industry in general.

To all you music fans out there, make sure not to miss out on these guys, take some time and give this album a listen, as it seems Florence and the Machine are finally here to stay. 

Ryen Kleiser is a laid back biology student at UW-River Falls. He is hoping to become a well-known marine biologist and teacher.