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Students should plan for future, internships

March 24, 2011

We are now in the second part of the semester, which means projects, tests and papers will begin to consume our time.  It is necessary to stay on top of the course work because nothing is worse than procrastinating and cramming it all in at the last second.

Another very important thing that should be taken into account is applying for summer internships.  Although it may be too late for some, there are plenty of companies that are just now looking through the submitted resumes and cover letters by college students. 

In many cases, companies are beginning to see a profit, a sign that the country is slowing coming out of the great recession. Businesses across the country are starting to hire for full-time positions and interns and we are seeing the unemployment rate decreasing slightly.  Students should capitalize on this opportunity and apply for an internship.

It should be known that one may not make a ton of money as an intern; some may not even pay a wage at all.  That should not be a disincentive to apply for an internship however. 

In this job market, where college students are competing for jobs against older, more experienced applicants, having some experience out in the workforce is essential to career success. 

Employers are looking for well-rounded, educated and experienced workers.  According to a June 2010 report from Georgetown University, the number of jobs requiring postsecondary education will increase to a national average of 63 percent by 2018.  That means that as college students, we are already on the
right track.  However, obtaining a college degree is not enough; one should have completed an internship and other work experience. 

Many students will be required to work as an intern in order to graduate.  In those cases, the department chairs and professors already know of internship possibilities and can help students navigate through the process.  For those students that don’t have to complete an internship, hopefully you understand that that does not mean you shouldn’t apply for one.  Ask your advisor for help finding some possible internships and research online.

Career Services is also a great resource to use.  Counselors assist students on a daily basis with resume and cover letter tips and internship and job searches. Career service is also putting on an etiquette dinner at 5 p.m. Tuesday at the University Center’s Riverview Ballroom.  This is a great way to increase your career preparedness while also enjoying a five-course dinner.