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March 2, 2024




Kanye West's newest album proves to be a musical masterpiece

February 3, 2011

Kanye West. Some people may think he is just an arrogant rich rapper. Others may say a musical genius. With his most recent release of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” I must say West continues to impress me album after album. Despite his ego at times, he puts forth some damn good music. Being on top of the music industry people expect greatness from West, yet it seems he also expects nothing less of himself by placing a level of expectations on his shoulders not often found in today’s music industry.

With that said, this new album reaches and surpasses these expectations, including guest appearances all across the board, from Jay-Z to Kid Cudi and even all the way to our own home-grown Wisconsin musician Bon Iver. 

As indicated in the album title, this new album really resonates as a darker side of West not truly heard on previous albums. This only helps to add more luster to the album and provides glimpses of West’s relatively unseen “darkside.”

Not many albums leave the audience wanting more, yet this one is quite the masterpiece and despite being just a touch longer than an hour in length, it truly seems that time flies when listening to this album.

If you follow West much at all, you may have noticed awhile back he released a 30 minute video known as “Runaway” on YouTube, telling a story to music found throughout this new album.

This was the manner in which I heard of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” and found that the video helped to set a precedent of what to expect upon a full listen to the album.

Needless to say, the video kicked ass and surpassed my expectations, only increasing my desire to obtain a copy of the album. Despite the entirety of the album being very good, several songs stood out to me as more of the “single” type of tracks. 

“Power” features West singing to sample from King Crimson’s song “21 Century Schizoid Man” and is sure to make its way back up the charts over the next few weeks.

Rick Ross and Jay-Z amongst others team up for a track known as “Monster” and a chilling, yet riveting tune ensues.

To be honest, with musicians of such caliber it is almost difficult not to have a great single in the finished product.

West’s outreach hits home for most of us in locally when he teamed up with Wisconsin native musician Bon Iver. Normally, Bon Iver sticks within the realm of modern day folk/indie music. Yet on “Lost In The World,” the perfect blend of West’s rap and Iver’s heartfelt singing results in a unique track, which leads into the concluding track pleading the question “Who Will Survive In America”?

The progression throughout this album is evident upon just one listen, yet the story told keeps the listener thinking, dancing, and wanting more.

West really has proven himself time and time again as a top tier musician and just about anything he touches turns to gold, this album by all means is no exception.

Ryen Kleiser is a laid back biology student at UW-River Falls. He is hoping to become a well-known marine biologist and teacher.