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February 24, 2024



Finals Fest plans include Quietdrive concert in Falcon’s Nest

December 9, 2010

Deep within each of the members of a certain Minneapolis band, there has been a constant drive for success in the music industry.

This force has resulted in the coming together of five musicians to form the band Quietdrive. The band named themselves after this modest determination, said one of the band’s guitarists Will Caesar.

Quietdrive will perform at 8 tonight in the Falcon’s Nest of the University Center as a continuation of Falcon Programs’ Rock the Nest and to celebrate Finals Fest, said Concerts Programmer Amy Aschenbrener.

Aschenbrener said she has found that UWRF students have a broad interest in their preferred types of music. Quietdrive should meet the interests of many students.

“Our songs cover songs for different walks of life,” Caesar said. “For us, a good song is one with a good story.”

The band’s lead vocalist, Kevin Truckenmiller, writes many of the songs, said Caesar.

Truckenmiller said that the band’s main focus is the song.

“That’s the only real goal of our band,” Truckenmiller said. “To write and perform the best way we possibly can.”

Quietdrive’s shows are high in energy, Truckenmiller added.

Caesar described their band as a fusion between rock and pop with catchy upbeat music.

“Our goal for the audience is just for them to have a good time,” Caesar said.

“They are super good and every time I listen to their music, I want to get up and dance,” said Quietdrive fan Charissa Squire.

Aschenbrener said that the band is extremely talented and that each member is gifted.

“They put on an absolutely awesome show,” said local musician Taylor Young. “It’s cool to see a Minneapolis band make it in the way that they have.”

Caesar said that the band’s success can be attributed to their strong friendship and mutual love for music.

Truckenmiller said the band has been lucky with the public’s reception and with their international work.

Two days after Quietdrive’s performance at UWRF, the band is flying to Iraq for a second time to perform for the troops, said Caesar.

Upon their return they are going to perform in Green Bay, added Caesar.

Last September, the band played at a similar venue to UWRF: UW-Whitewater.

UW-Whitewater Student Events Activities League Manager Luke Schalewski said that the 500 students who attended seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Nearly 500 tickets recently became available to the UWRF campus community and public.

“Five-hundred people sounds like a lot,” Aschenbrener said. “But it is going to be a much more intimate setting in comparison to their sold-out 1st Avenue performances.”

Opening for Quietdrive is Young’s band, Dirty Blonde.

“We are a blues, rock and roll, melodramatic, fun party band,” Young said. “We want people to get up and have a good time.”

Aschenbrener said this is the chance for an audience to see a well known band that started off in a local college setting.

“We are looking forward to coming to River Falls and having a good show,” Caesar said.

Tickets are on sale now at the information desk in the UC. The cost is $5 for the UWRF community, and they are limited to two tickets. The fee for admission for the general public is $10.