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July 14, 2024


Senate campaigns for student body

November 18, 2010

The Student Voice would like to officially give its support to the Student Senate in its decision to oppose the UW Student Representatives Constitution.

The fact that the constitution would require UW-River Falls to become a member of United Council against its will is something to be fought based on principle. The constitution would force UWRF into a political lobbyist organization.

Joining United Council would have little benefit to UWRF. They proposed constitutions weighted voting system gives more voting power to larger schools. Because of its size, UWRF would have less votes in decision making, which makes it subject to the decisions of larger schools with more weight like UW-Madison.

Two-year institutions would be hindered greatly also since they are allowed the least votes.

Adding insult to injury, students would be charged a fee each semester despite our resistance to joining the group. Students may ask to have this fee refunded to them, but the system is time sensitive and confusing.

The Senate is doing right for the students they represent by taking this proposed constitution seriously and making the effort to have it denied.

We encourage students to take their own stand by supporting Senate it its decision and by voicing their concerns to the Board of Regents, which has the final say in whether or not this constitution is passed.

As a student body, we should all be opposed to this constitution and the way it would take advantage of UWRF by forcing it to fund activities it wishes not to be a part of.

We wish the Senate the best of luck in recruiting support from the Board of Regents and other UW-System schools.