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July 12, 2024


Immaturity shames Student Senate

November 4, 2010

The actions of certain Student Senate members were appalling during Tuesday’s meeting.

While the majority of the meeting went well, towards its conclusion a situation arose that launched several members of the Senate into giggle fits and inappropriate voting practices.

The situation began when the final motion of the meeting came to the floor. President Leigh Monson said that it would be an “easy” motion after several previous motions that evening had required much discussion.

While the motion to appoint John Schimenz to the Head Football Coach/HHP Instructor Search and Screen Committee was simple compared to the others, several senators retaliated against Monson’s assumption that the motion would be “easy.”

What began as a friendly protest against Monson’s “misuse” of the word, some senators began to make it difficult to attend to the motion or any other business remaining in the meeting by asking silly questions and abusing Robert’s Rules of Order, visibly aggravating other members of Senate and its guests.

Like a big joke, it appeared as though the representatives began to vote out of spite against the motion, not because they were opposed to it, but because it was assumed that Senate would vote in favor of the motion regardless.

If someone were to look at the minutes, they would read that there were two votes in opposition to the appointment of Schimenz to the search and screen committee. While he was eventually appointed, the record insinuates there was some dissent in making the decision. This could reflect poorly upon Schimenz with regards to his ability to perform his job.

If any of the senators did actually have legitimate qualms about appointing Schimenz, they were not evident.

The giggling continued, and during the additional items and announcements before adjourning, Senator Charlotte Evans — who had been tracking the midterm election results on her phone throughout the meeting — addressed the Senate by saying, “On behalf of College Republicans, I would like to say ‘better luck next time, Democrats!’”

As a non-partisan entity, such a snide, gloating comment was completely inappropriate and disrespectful while Senate was in session.

In those last minutes before adjourning their meeting, the Senate really embarrassed themselves in the presence of their guests.

Through the outbursts of shouting, giggles and willy-nilly voting, one guest of the meeting muttered, “Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ.”

The Student Voice understands the importance of collaboration and fun among members of any organization, Senate included; we do not condemn having a good time. When senators are making decisions on behalf the student body, however, they need to keep their personal vendettas, sexual innuendos and child-like antics out of the meeting.


Abby Maliszewski on 10 Nov 2010: Good to see things evolve so positively.

Student on 07 Nov 2010: Very well put, couldn't have agreed more! The senate needs to realize they are leaders and looked upon as such during these meetings, and their actions not only speak badly about our student body, but our entire university as well.