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February 21, 2024



Campusview builds more housing

November 4, 2010

The triangular area of land by the UW-River Falls outdoor amphitheater path and the path off of Broadway Street has been undergoing a transformation over the last few weeks.

This area, about two and a half acres, will become home to three separate buildings intended for multi-family tenants, said River Falls’ Planning Director Mariano Lucero. This area is being developed by Campusview Real Estate Owner Matt Twomey.

“There will be one two-story building with seven units and two three-story buildings with 12 units,” Lucero said.

The construction of this site will also include an asphalt parking lot, concrete pads and sidewalks, retaining walls, storm water conveyance and underground storage, landscaping and erosion control measures, according to the Notice of Complete Application for Proposed Grading.

The parking lot will boast 100 stalls, which is more than triple than what is required, said Lucero.This is very important because it serves the multi-family units better because the usual requirement is only two stalls per unit. These multi-family units will more than likely hold three to four people, so a lot of parking space is important, said Lucero.

UWRF was given the opportunity to purchase the land but chose not to, said Lucero.

There is a good chance that these buildings will be mostly inhabited by students, according to Lucero.

“I would love to see the tenants be mostly students,” Lucero said. “I have already received calls from students asking about this area and potential housing. They really like the location.”

The buildings should be completed by summer 2011.


Library Sense on 07 Nov 2010: Professor Ken Olson's concerns are well-detailed in RF Journal articles. As recently tweeted by LibrarySense : " Working on incorporating 2 Emails fr Professor KennethOlson in2 new article about #environment issues concerning #RiverFalls @uwRiverFalls ". This "Campusview builds more housing" UWRF Voice article, another instant-concern, and; no time yet to consult Professor Olson and publish a full LS article, so; here's an excerpt from an Email LS received from Professor Olson on October 11: "The noise next to our house made by the huge machines and dirt hauling trucks was quite awful, not at all like the birds that used to live in the woods that is now destroyed. What a terrible, senseless city government, and what merciless contractors. peace, ken o". "UWRF was given the opportunity to purchase the land but chose not to" — Unfortunate. We'll just have to try to make the best of it, and, thank you; Kimberly Kuhens, for your article. Here's more on this subject, and, Professor Olson's, et al concerns: LibrarySense[dot]wordpress[dot]com/2010/10/07/uwrf-environs-despoliation/ Also, a somewhat more positive take: LibrarySense[dot]wordpress[dot]com/2010/10/16/positives-of-campus-environs-new-student-housing/