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June 16, 2024


All responsible for good health on campus throughout winter

November 10, 2010

Wash your hands.

The season of illnesses is approaching and it is the responsibility of each individual to keep the toll of the sick and the suffering to a minimum.

Washing up is not just about avoiding a cold, but it is also about protecting your peers as well. You can choose to not protect yourself but being sick is like secondhand smoke: if you are ill, you risk exposing those around you.

If you do get sick, stay home and try not to infect the rest of us. Your professors and bosses will understand. They don’t want your disease either.

Wash your hands out of respect to others, and do your best to prevent the spread of disease. It also shows great consideration to others if you would sanitize any public property you touch. For example, if you use one of the computer labs on campus, grab a disinfecting wipe and run it over the keyboard and mouse before you leave. If you work at an office desk and use a phone, wipe that down as well.

If you aren’t sick, conduct your life as if everyone around you is.

In class, assume that the person who sat in your desk before you was ill. Keep your hands away from your face and wash them after class.

Staying healthy isn’t just about being clean or drowning yourself in disinfectant. Taking the time to get enough sleep and a little exercise is a start. Eating well can go a long way, too. All of the former boost your immune system. You may feel better knowing that if you are exposed to a virus, you have done all that you can to help your body fight it off.

In terms of eating healthy, just a Pop-Tart and some gummie bear vitamins aren’t going to cut it.

Sodexo offers plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables at every meal to meet your healthy foods quota.

If you buy your own food, you might be surprised that a lot of the items in the produce section are cheaper than many of the processed foods in the aisles. Sure the asparagus and imported blueberries can be a little expensive, but a head of romaine lettuce and bag of carrots is cheaper than a box of Cheez-Its. Some of the less expensive fruits like bananas, and a bag of frozen strawberries mixed with orange juice can make a great smoothie.

Just remember, staying healthy isn’t just about you, but it’s also about your classmates, roommates, co-workers and everyone else that needs to make it through this season of illnesses.