Student Voice


May 26, 2024


Letter to the editor

Student expresses himself through verse

October 14, 2010

School of Thought
We are taught to think
In uncertainty and in disbelief
We are taught to pursue curiosity
And embrace “intellectual uncertainty”

Teachers are unsure of what they teach
We revel in our imperfection
Unsure of our independence
Doubting our intelligence

School of Thought
We are bribed to question
We are forced to listen
We are rewarded for following

As Prisoners of the school
we ourselves becomes teachers
we teach about our own disappointments
shackling our students in our chains

School of Thought
A Paradox of learning
a silhouette of education
a shadow of information

We control our reality
warping actuality
creating insanities
causing abnormalities

School of thought
Institution of Imagination
Remember we are students
teach us Teacher.

Abel Johnson