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May 26, 2024


Letter to the editor

Student encourgaes voting on medical marijuana referendum

October 7, 2010

On Tuesday, Nov. 2 there will be a referendum on legalizing medical marijuana. This referendum will be on the ballot for all people who vote in River Falls. This referendum serves as an advisory to state government that the citizens of River Falls support medical marijuana.

The referendum reads: “Should the Wisconsin Legislature enact legislation allowing residents with debilitating medical conditions to acquire and possess marijuana for medical purposes if supported by their physician?”

By voting “yes” on this referendum you are supporting keeping medical matters between a patient and their doctor. A medical doctor is the best person to determine proper treatment for their patients, not the government. I encourage you to join me in voting “yes” on the medical marijuana referendum on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Cullen Peterson
Pierce County Board District 6 representative