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February 26, 2024



Letter to the editor

Student encourages voting in upcoming midterm elections

October 28, 2010

As I talk to people about the voting process and participation, a great deal of reasons are given to why they choose not to be partakers of such a unique experience, considering the midterm elections are upon us. A friend and I were discussing that by voting, one is projecting power. One can also argue that by not voting, you can be projecting power, depending on the contextual situation and the circumstances around that situation. I later realized my error in judgment because I thought that by not voting, you are not exercising your power. Both arguments, it turns out, are conditionally plausible. When November greets us soon, you could decide for yourself what strategy works for you.

The midterm elections are very important to many people not only in our municipalities, counties, districts and states, but also in our country and the world. The people that are elected on Nov. 2 will be people who represent us and make effectually powerful decisions that have impacts on every aspect of our life. It is important to know who is running for what position and what they promise to accomplish.

Some may even argue that many people have become apathetic or indifferent towards approaching the political realm. If you want to be a part of the political process then this next week will be very interesting for you if you are reading this today. One week from today, tabulation of votes will be dominating the headlines in the world of mainstream media. You have no need to wait until Election Day because the new laws, with respect to voting, offer you a new window of time.

River Falls’ City Hall is using your tax dollars to operate. If you are busy on Election Day, simply pay them a visit and cast your vote early. Registering takes no more time than going to the restroom. If you are a resident of Minnesota who lives in a dorm on campus, you can register to vote in Wisconsin, as long as you don’t vote in Minnesota, because that would be a felony. I hope you make the right decision on or before Nov. 2.

Ali A. Haifawi