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July 22, 2024


Album takes inspiration from dance nightlife

October 14, 2010

Upon first glance at any Chromeo album, a casual listener may question just what exactly to expect.

Quirky, sexual, and classy all describe what may seem to be just another ‘‘spoof’’ band. But the reality of the matter is that Chromeo is much more than that.

As a suit and tie represent the standard business casual attire, one can easily say Chromeo represents just that standard for dance music in the music industry.

A relatively new group on the music scene, Chromeo had released a couple albums but none more hyped than their most recent release last month, Business Casual. With the new album, the Montreal based duo exhibits the classic dance vibes fans have come to expect, opening up strong with the songs “Hot Mess” and “I’m Not Contagious.”

Contrary to the relatively risqué title “I’m Not Contagious,” the song actually brings a lot to the table in exhibiting classic funk along with hints of disco, nearly certain to get listeners dancing.

If that wasn’t enough to get you dancing to the tasty jams, “Night By Night” features Dave 1(the lead singer in the group), singing falsetto to some of the best synthesizer and keyboard rhythms in the industry.

It seems destined that these aforementioned songs hit the charts, as more and more people are beginning to recognize Chromeo in the music industry.

Just a few weeks ago, they played David Letterman’s “ The Tonight Show” and offered the audience an experience like none other, integrating the funkiness of their typical synthesizers and guitar rhythms with a live string section.

Needless to say, these guys are headed nowhere but up. Upon digging a little deeper into ‘‘Business Casual,” some very catchy pop and 80s vibes are overly evident. “Don’t Turn The Lights On”, and “You Make It Rough,” feel nearly misplaced in today’s music industry, but offer songs more catchy than the common cold.
An early 80s vibe blended with disco is found in “When The Night Falls” along with rhythms so melodic, your body just naturally moves to the beat.

It seems kind of ridiculous that the entire album is pretty much one big dance party, yet Chromeo has seemed to perfect the art of blending their playful lyrics with instrumental variety and true inspiration.

With the lyrics being as playful as they are, they still speak from the heart, highlighted with “J’ai Claque La Porte” sang completely in French touching on Chromeo’s roots in Montreal, Canada. ‘Business Casual’ finishes strong with “The Right Type” and “Grow Up” which are both exclusive in very distinct ways. “The Right Type” brings back the perfection of the 80s intertwining traditional social commentary with mind-blowing riffs.

Finally, “Grow Up” offers what seems to be destined for a theme song on the daytime family shows. The song is so classically perfect, mixed with the catchiness exhibited by any good television show theme song from the ‘80s and early ‘90s.

All things considered, “Business Casual’’ should be on the play list of anybody looking for a fun, funky album ready to dance the night away.

Ryen Klieser

Ryen Kleiser is a laid back biology student at UW-River Falls. He is hoping to become a well-known marine biologist and teacher.