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April 25, 2024



Letter to the editor

Students are encouraged to vote

September 30, 2010

On Nov. 2 it will again be Election Day in America. Offices up for election this year include U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress, governor and other state offices, State Assembly, State Senate and county offices such as sheriff. In the city of River Falls, there will also be an advisory referendum to the state legislature seeking to allow medical marijuana for those with debilitating medical conditions.

Any U.S. citizen over 18 who has lived in Wisconsin for 10 days may vote in this election. Living in a dorm room or rented apartment is the same as being a property owner - you have the right to vote here. Out-of-state students who live here during the school year are allowed to vote in Wisconsin.

To ease lines and congestion on election day Wisconsin allows people deputized by the state or local election officials to register voters until 20 days before the election. In the last 20 days it is only possible to register at the municipal clerks office or at the voting location on election day. There will be people in the University Center and academic buildings until October 13th with voter registration forms and information for students who would like to vote.

Voter registration takes about five minutes. Stop by the tables in the UC for forms or more information.

Ben Plunkett
Political Science Major